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Garage Door DeadBolt
(aka: Lock)

Protect the Largest

Entry and Exit

Point in Your Home!

Easy DIY Installation

Over 90 % of Garage Doors Openers "Don't actually Lock" your Garage Door

(They just open/close the Garage Door - would you leave your Front Door UnLocked🤔)

SureLock Garage Door DeadBolt (aka: Lock) is:100% Universal & automatic

-- bringing you the Security and convenience you expect --

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Provides DeadBolt Security with the

Convenience you expect


Universal Operation

works with any

Garage Door Opener



Works with your existing Remote Controls, Keypads, Wall Systems and Vehicle Interfaces

Garage Door Lock | Garage Door Deadbolt | Garage Door Security

Reasons to Purchase SureLock


  • SureLock does not require changing how you access your Garage Door - no need to change your habits or electronics

  • We use your existing Wall-Switch, Key-Pad, Remotes, and Vehicle Electronics

  • We only require 2” for mounting

  • 100% Universal Application

  • Simple DIY Installation

  • Affordable

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A home burglary occurs through the garage door every 3 minutes...

You Can Avoid This "with SureLock"

HOW IT WORKS is easy:

It secures the weakest link in home security

It uses the latest and most innovative garage door lock

Easy Do-it-Yourself  installation

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Garage Lock Product Image

Product &
Design Features

Solid Steel Construction

Automated Locking Bar / DeadBolt Security

Electro-Magnetic Operation

(Works with Backup Battery)

Emergency Release Override

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Home Security

With everything going on in the world, home protection and home security have become a top priority for homeowners across the country. What methods are people using to secure their homes? Most homes come with basic protection for the main entry points including the front door and back doors. All windows come with some sort of locking mechanism. Many people are installing alarms and video surveillance. With all this in place, people come under a false pretense that their home is secure.  However, the largest and most frequently used access point to their home has been overlooked – “The Garage Door”.

Automatic Garage Door Openers Do Not Secure Your Garage

“But I have an automatic garage door opener – doesn’t that secure my garage?”  The answer, is No!

Yes it’s true, Automatic garage door openers do not secure your garage – the purpose is to simply open and close your garage door. They were never intended to be used for security or act as garage door locks or garage door deadbolts. As a result, an intruder can quickly and easily break into your garage. Click here for a short video (The 6 Second Break-In).

Now that you watched the video, it is obvious that the automatic garage door opener does not truly secure your garage or provide effective garage security.

An attached garage without a Garage Door Lock or Garage Door DeadBolt / Lock is not secure.  If an intruder can access your garage, then he has plenty of time to gain access to your home.

You need to do more to protect your home. You need a garage lock. A SureLock Garage Door DeadBolt Kit can be the solution.

You Need an Automatic Garage Door Lock Kit

Just like you add a DeadBolt to your Front Door, you should add a DeadBolt (aka: SureLock Garage Door DeadBolt) to replace the manual lock on your Garage Door (if it’s even equipped). SureLock provides a solution to lock your Garage Door automatically – No thought or effort required.

The use of your existing automatic garage door opener is maintained, even in the case of a prolonged power outage SureLock is designed to work with your existing Garage Door Openers Backup Battery.  Providing you the convenience you’ve come to expect from your Garage Door Opener and adding the needed Home Security.

You need the SureLock Automatic Garage Door DeadBolt (aka: SureLock Automatic Garage Door Lock / Surelock Automatic Garage Door Security Locks) that is designed to easily integrate with your garage door opener, so you don’t lose the convenience of your opener while adding an extra layer of protection to your Home Security System / Garage Door Security System.

Get your Sure Lock, the best Garage Door Lock / Garage Door Security System / garage security lock here – and with the simple D.I.Y. installation the complete garage door lock installation kit, well…it couldn’t be simpler

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to use the contact us form below 👍

Image of Garage Interior | Garage Lock

Protect your Family and Home

SureLock Garage Door DeadBolt

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