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Find everything you need protect your garage, your home and your family here in our store. With our electronic garage door lock, you will add a layer of protection to your home and improve your overall home security. Once installed, the garage deadbolt lock will give you peace of mind and allow you to sleep better at night knowing that you have blocked entry to your home through your garage door.


Here is a quick list of benefits to having the SureLock Garage Door Deadbolt installed in your garage:

  • Enhanced home security

  • Added protection to the valuables stored in your garage

  • Added protection for your family

  • Peace of Mind

It's one of the best home security purchases you will ever make.

Reasons to Purchase SureLock Garage Door Lock:


  • SureLock does not require changing how you access your Garage Door - no need to change your habits or electronics

  • We use your existing Wall-Switch, Key-Pad, Remotes, and Vehicle Electronics

  • We only require 2” for mounting

  • 100% Universal Application

  • Simple DIY Installation

  • Affordable

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