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Debunking Myths: Common Misconceptions About Garage Door Security

At SureLock, we understand the importance of feeling secure in your own home. Your garage door is often an overlooked entry point, and misconceptions about its security can leave you vulnerable. Let's debunk some common myths and shed light on how to truly strengthen your garage door security:


Myth 1: My Garage Door Opener is Secure Enough

Modern garage door openers offer convenience, but they shouldn't be your sole line of defense. Openers can be susceptible to hacking or brute-force attacks, and a stolen remote can become a key to your entire home. Think of your garage door opener as an access point, not a security measure.


Myth 2: A Strong Garage Door is All I Need

While a sturdy garage door is crucial, it's just one piece of the puzzle. Even with a sturdy door, a skilled thief with the proper tools can still gain entry. Adding a physical barrier in the form of a high-security lock creates an extra obstacle and discourages break-in attempts.


Myth 3: Garage Door Locks Are a Hassle – They Require Replacing My Opener or Adding New Electronics

Not all garage door locks are created equal. Traditional options might involve complex wiring or replacing existing access points. Here at SureLock, we offer a unique solution—the SureLock Garage Door Deadbolt. This innovative product integrates seamlessly with your existing system, using your current remotes, keypads, and wall switches. There is no need to change your habits or disrupt your electronics—simply install the SureLock deadbolt and enjoy an extra layer of security.


Myth 4: My Garage Doesn't Contain Anything Valuable

Thieves don't discriminate. It can still be a target even if you don't store expensive tools or equipment in your garage. Criminals might be looking for bicycles, sporting equipment, or electronics left in a parked car or using your garage as a staging ground for further break-ins into your home. Securing your garage door deters these opportunistic crimes and protects your belongings.


Myth 5: Visible Security Measures Are Enough to Deter Thieves

While deterrents like security signs and alarms can be helpful, they're not foolproof. A determined thief might see a visible alarm as challenging or ignore a sign. The most effective security combines deterrents with physical barriers like high-quality locks.


SureLock: The Simple Solution for Enhanced Garage Door Security

At SureLock, we believe security shouldn't be complicated. Our innovative deadbolt system offers:


  • Universal Compatibility: No need to swap out your current remotes, keypad, wall switch, or even your garage door opener! SureLock works with everything you already have in place.

  • Quick and Easy Installation: DIY-friendly, requiring minimal tools and space for mounting.

  • Automatic Locking: Provides peace of mind knowing your garage is secure, even after remote or keypad use.

  • Enhanced Security: Deadbolt design offers a robust physical barrier against break-in attempts.



Don't let misconceptions about garage door security leave you vulnerable. With the SureLock deadbolt, you can enjoy the convenience of your existing system while adding a powerful layer of protection to your home.

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