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What Is a Garage Door Lock?

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

A garage door lock acts like a garage door deadbolt and prevents intruders from gaining access to your garage and your home through your main garage door. The garage door is the easiest way to gain access to your home and is the least protected.

Do I need a garage door deadbolt?

Most people believe that when they close their automatic garage door they have locked out thieves but that is not the case. Thieves can easily open that big garage door and gain access to your valuables stored within. If you have an access door from your garage to your home, then they now have a way to break into your home. All they need to do is open your garage door, close it behind them, then break through the access door into your home. The intruders can actually drive their car into your garage and close the door behind them. Once they're in, they can break into your home and load up their vehicle with your valuables. Don't let this happen to you. Buy your SureLock garage door deadbolt today.

What is SureLock and what will it do?

SureLock provides the best garage door protection with its garage door lock. It's also known as a garage door deadbolt and will protect your garage and your family. It's inexpensive and easy to install.

Where do I buy SureLock?

You can buy your SureLock here or on

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